Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hajj: A Pilgrimage of Islamic Faith

I have been seeing people goin on haj for about one months. its really good too see people going to place which is the most sacred place of this world according to islam. its realy time to congratulate them. its also time to urge them to aske GOD for the wlfare of islam,society,human being etc.
But the question is that will the heart of a right thinking man allow him to do this? THE way in which thay start their journey does not reflect the ethos of islam or its sprituality. their journey is more worldly than spritual.their journey is just a tour.every thing is artificial in their joutney. you can find much exposure there than any thing else .From banner on their van to people gathered on airprt to see off them ,all are against the islam or its ethos.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Again some hooligans have started talking on BURQA. The simple question is:"why do they have problem with this?" It is just a dress which women like to wear. every citizen of a democratic and secular country is supposed to wear the dress which he or she likes. Not only ban even criticsm on dress code of a citizen is against the ethos of democracy and secularism.No one can present any logic to ban on VEIL.