Sunday, July 14, 2013

Barking man never thinks

Narendra Modi has continuously been vomiting the hatred which he possesses inherently. Expression of ‘no guilty feeling’ about Gujrat Pogrom is not new. He has been proclaiming it for years. In fact, he is correct. Why should a man be ashamed for something which he hatched? For the moment, suppose he was not the man behind the whole story. Even after this he cannot escape. Being the CM of the state he was bound to take responsibility for the whole incidents. But the sad part is that neither had he taken responsibility nor he expressed regret. And, the worst thing is that he is regarded as hero. Projection of Modi as brave and consistent failure of Indian complex judiciary is certainly encouraging people who aspire to be leader at the cost of communal card. In other words, Modi has become an exemplary for those who want to make a career through communal politics. The recent comment of Modi whereby he called Muslims puppies is again not shocking. But the thing which is important is that people or political parties in opposition are just taking advantage such comments for wooing and appeasing the minority community. Rather, such remarks should be seen as an attempt to spread enmity between communities. It spreads hatred among citizen. It divides communities who live together peacefully and amicably. It attacks the communal harmony for which India is known. Two days before Prakash Javedker and others were defending Mr. Modi for calling himself as Hindu Nationalist. Though I was not shocked by hearing such fanatic statements and arguments, however I thought if a Muslim would have called himself a Muslim Nationalist he must have been dubbed as anti-national. India is a secular state. There is no state religion. So, how a man or a woman can call himself/herself Muslim Nationalist or Hindu Nationalist? No nationalism is above the ‘Indian nationalism’. People may have belongings or leaning towards varieties of sentiments. But all will come later. I think this is an anti- national approach. It is a matter of shame that a man who is being proposed for PM of India is involved in anti-national activities. Few months back the same Modi had emphasized that India was first while he was defining secularism. But now he has turned his back. His religion is more important than India. India is less important for Modi and fans. As far as proposal of Modi as PM of India is concerned the important thing is that he is not a politician. Perhaps, somewhere he has claimed it recently. Had he been a politician he would not have spoken such malicious and anti-national remarks. He is even not fulfilling the expectation of those who have proposed his name. They must have been getting irritated by his immature and absurd statements. So, Modi just barks and does not think.