Friday, January 20, 2012

People Are Hypocrite

I wonder why there is not same people while there is an opposition of artist or writer like Salman Rushdie and M F Hussain; i think both hurt religious sentiments. You may say that it is obvious that both have hurt different religion. So its natural there would be different crowd. Yes to this extent it is ok. But it becomes unaccepteble when people, who opposed M F Hussain on the basis of religious sentiments, are shouting in favour of Salman Rushdie invoking the fredom of speech and expression. Likewise, protest of muslim against Rushdie can be considered hypocritical. Because the same people who are now on the street were treating the paintings of M F Hussain, which obviously hurt sentiments of Hindus,just a piece of Art.
I think pieces of arts which hurt sentiments of any religion must be condemned and banned. If there is an opposition to the entry of such writers, its right. They obviously should not be allowed in the place of residents whose religious sentiments had been hurt by their cheap creations. But the sad thing is that such oppositions become nonesense when it carries the substance of biasness.
India is a multi religious and cultural country. People of different cultures, belief and religion live together here. So they must respect each other's sentiments. Here, it is inevitable.
Hence all indians should speak together if any crazy people tries to hurt any belief or religion of the region.