Monday, August 22, 2011

Hue and Cry on Anna

Today, Ms Arundhati Roy has written an artile "I'd rather not be Anna " in The Hindu. The way in which she has written it shows that she lives in supremacy. Her article is not issue based. Here the issue is whether Jan lokpal bill is right or Sarkarkari Lokpal bill. Niether the bad impact of Jan Lokpal bill nor the good impact of Sarkari Lokpal bill has been written in the article exhaustively. It would have been much better had she written the differences between civil society bill and Sarkari lokpal bill. Besides, she has criticised the whole team Anna. In other words, she is not happy with the personalities involved in the agitation. It is well known the people of same proffession always have some kind of jeolousy for each other. Her article carries this very much.

Here is the

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