Monday, August 29, 2011

Struggle is not over

I congratulate Mr Anna Hazare for holding fast till twelve days for the sake of common interest. His movement has, no doubt, awakened the citizens. However, its obvious that the movement against corruption has not ended. Struggle is far from over. We have not got victory. Though government has agreed to include the demands of Team Anna in the Lokpal bill, I doubt the bill will become law soon. Its sure we will not see the fruit in this session of parliament. I wonder how the government as well as civil society left the main issue of the agitation; taking the PM under the ambit of Lokpal. Issue of conducts of MPs within the parliament should also not have been left. Apart from all that, what is important is that whatever we have got in the name of assurance must be achieved in concrete form. For that, we have to continue our struggle. We should not take rest until and unless the bill becomes law. We should not forget that the issue of Lolpal is 42 years old. A little rest can take another 42 years.


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