Monday, November 21, 2011

Jamia Students Showed Their Skill...........

It is only you who makes your image.
Yesterday I attended a programme 'Mahfile Qawwali" organised by 'Old Boys Association of Jamia Millia Islamia.' I had never got an oppertunity to experience the mahfil of Qawwali. So when I had come across the news I was a little bit enthusiastic. Despite of pressures of exams at hand I pulled out some amount of time to attend the programme.
The programme was sheduled at 6:pm. But I was so excited that I reached the Auditoriam before time, at 5:30 pm. Unfortunately I had to wait more than half an hour. The qawwali started at 7:00 pm. But in the mean time there was another Qawwali..........Qawwals were none other than our frienmds; brillient students of Jamia............Not only in the mean time but also after the Qawwali started, the intelligent students of Jamia continued their Qawwali.
The student at their best strieved to show off their actual image among guests, dignitaries and invited qawwals. They made lewd comments on their own girl students very decently. They left no stone unterned to make the auditorium full of voice. They showed their expertise in sizzling. They even did not leve the their old boys. They welcomed them with their skilled 'SITY'. Why should they leave wives of their teachers. They did not miss to exhibit their speciality for which they are known. They did pass their faviourite comments on them with beautifull hissings as they entered.
Moreover, they made the qawwals also much 'happy'. They continously made interruptions with their 'appreciating' grumbles while they (QAWWALS)were presenting their kalam. The students tried utmost to applaud the kalam of qawwals with their screaming, roar, cry and fuss.
Eventually they compelled the odd audiences, who were willing to listen the qawwali, to leave the auditorium so that they (student) could not face any sort of hurdle while making hue and cry of appreciations.................................

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