Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Root Cause of Maoism

Again one more incident of violence by Maoists has reminded us that Maoism is the biggest threat of internal security in India.
But the question is whether Indian government is tackling this efficiently or not. The movement started in 1967. Since then the Indian government has been involved in putting lots of effort to erradicate the evil.
But, unfortunately, over the years, maoism has not only increased tremendously but also it has become the biggest threat.
The question which is important here is that what is the reason; why government has been failure in tackling this. The reality is that Indian government has always been hypocrite while tackling maoism. India has always been ignoring the root cause of the movement.Inception of Maoism is deeply concerned with land issue. The land of poors which is the only livelihood has always been vulnerable. For them, land is a very strategic socio-economic asset. Their survival is measured by control and access of land.
For industrialisation, mining and building dams, government acquires lands.
In returns,while the entire community gets affected the compensation only goes to the big lanlords. The unfortunate is that the tribals who have been living on a certain plot for years but do not have any formal title paper to the land which results into no compensation. So the poors are fighting against lanlords and government as well.
Thus we come to know that land destribution is crucial for the Maoist conflict. Indian land reforms had sought to directly improve the access to land of the poor households. However, analysis of various studies shows that the implementation was hardly homogenous across the states. Distribution had highly skewd. It was too unequel and dominated by a few large landlords.
It is shocking that over 30 million people have been displaced due to development projects in the last five decades. Many have been subjected to the repeated displacement. There are large numbers of people who are left without any rehabiliation and resettlement (R&R).
I have highlighted only the land issu concerned with Maoism which, in my opinion, is the root cause. However, no doubt,there are lots of other reasons too which must be addressed. But again I would say that unless and untill the root or basic cause is not addressed the evil of maoism will not end.

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