Friday, November 18, 2011

My Role Model

Untill a few months ago I was in illusion that a role model must be someone who is a great personality or highly educated. But I am happy that now I am out of that illusion.
Recently I attended a group discussion class where the topic for debate was 'YOUR ROLE MODEL". As usual nearly all students named the different personalities of the World or India.
I got confused when my tern came. I had no name in my mind. But it does not mean I was not interested in designating any one as my role model. In fact befor that class I had never thought about this. I had never considered any one as my role model.
However, at that time I was deeply interested in calling some one my role model. After putting lots of effort suddenly a name came into my mind. But despite of naming him in the very next moment I kept my mouth silent. I could not speak out his name. But again since I had no option other than him I was tempted to ask my teacher whether a role model must be a highly educated or great personality.
"No, it can be any one.", the teacher replied me. I was so happy that i could not wait for a moment and screamed with enthusiasm by calling his name Waquar Ahmad.
But, unlike others, since my role model was not a great personality i was suppossed to speak much about him.
What I said there about him i would try to tell you now.
Yes, he is not a great personality or highly educated. But for me, he is more than that. He is, for me, not less than a great scholar.
To me, at the same time, he is an elder brother, a scholar, a guardian and a best friend.
Despite of all impossibilities it is he who encouraged me to gather courage for seting out to Delhi. Always he is like a source of inspiration.
In every discussion he has the quality to pull out some amount of encouraging stuff. He has an extra ordinary quality to make every chat interesting and source of knowledge. When he speaks it seems he is making a garland with lots of tiny flowers. He speaks not a single discouraging word. I have never seen him in angry mood. Even I have never seen him without smile.
You will be surprised to know when the most interesting topic of youth 'the love' comes up he speaks lot on that. He does not forbid to do so. He says youth must love but......the love which was done by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. A man can become a true human being if he loves. A man starts loving poors, downtrodden, orphans, hungers, thirsty and all the creatures of God if he loves truely.
It would be far better if you read some Ghazals of Faiz which is directly concerned to love.
I would not make more garland of praise because it might irritate you.But I am sure at least you would have imagined how interesting he is. You might have surprised to know that a role model can be a man other than a great scholat, highly qualified or a celibirity.

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